If Fashion is Hollywood, Pièces Uniques FW22-23 Wins Best Costume Design

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If the fashion industry is Hollywood, Pièces Uniques’ Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection is taking the award for best costume design, as the brand dives deeper into the mind of founder Edmond Luu.

Founded in 2016 as Edmond Luu’s personal creative outlet, blossoming into a contemporary lineup of ultra-wearable pieces. Each seasonal delivery is a dreamscape; childhood escapes from reality, harnessed by the design team to craft rich new worlds.

Not unlike Hollywood’s greatest visual masterpieces, Pièces Uniques uses apparel as a catalyst for storytelling – Fall/Winter 2021 delving into the space “BETWEEN SKY AND EARTH,” while Fall/Winter 2022-23 explores the characters and archetypal families at the heart of a “NATION.”


The “NATION” at the heart of the collection is an imaginary universe crafted by Luu, inhabited by three distinct families, each represented by a primary color.

Each of these families – bearing a very loose resemblance to the factions of 2012’s The Secret World – pull design codes from subcultural movements and the dress of geographical cultures from throughout history.

First, is a royal family draped in green, featuring strong-shouldered silhouettes, metallic detailing, and regal embroidery. Blue is representative of the revels, taking inspiration from the American mafia and post-Soviet codes – think monogrammed polo shirts, faux fur, oversized suiting, and bulkier shapes.


The third and final group looks to Southeast Asian mafia groups, offering the collection a selection of luxe shirting, slimmer-fitting suits, and heavily embroidered biker jackets.

You can expect the first delivery of Pièces Uniques FW22-23 to land later this year. While you wait, shop the latest product via its online store.

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