Is it 2014 Again? Is Supreme Really Back?

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2022 has already seen Supreme take strong strides in the right direction, from Tremaine Emory‘s appointment as Creative Director to its surprisingly well-loved collaboration with Burberry; Spring/Summer 2022 is looking like the foundation setting for ‘Preme’s resurgence.

Let’s get one thing straight – Supreme never went away. No matter your opinion on the brand, if you’re a die-hard fan or casual buyer that’s felt their interest crumble over the years, its global presence hasn’t yet faltered.

Sure, the expiration of Angelo Baque’s 10-year tenure as brand director in 2017 and its acquisition by the VF Corp in late 2020 cast a lot of shadow over Supreme and saw collaborations with label-mate brands like The North Face and Dickies take priority, but each of these moves has left a lot of room for change – change that feels well underway.

In the last half-decade, it’s had its moments; it’s maintained its shock value with luxury beds, Skittles, and everything in between, but a majority of apparel deliveries have felt stale, reflected in the stock that continues to sit online week-on-week.

Despite this, Spring/Summer 2022 and Emory’s appointment have ignited a spark that’s bringing fans back to the brand, and rightly so.

As someone that personally hasn’t bought a piece of Supreme since Fall/Winter 2013’s Bruce Lee Mantra tees dropped, I’m genuinely excited looking over the SS22 preview.

Back in 2013-14, drop previews and Thursday mornings were what got me and a close friend through the final years of school, and now, we’re back to sharing our favorite upcoming items again. Streetwear Night Live’s nostalgic overview of the collection captured the feeling best below – feels good, man.

Nostalgia is a key factor here – from the reintroduction of the classic Bling Logo to the early 2000s feel of the Nike Dunk collaboration, a lesser focus on VF brand team-ups, and the risk-taking of tomorrow’s Burberry drop (because who really expected Burb’ to look this good?), it feels like the “F*ck The Rest” mentality is back in full force.

That isn’t to say SS22 is just a rehash of everything that we’ve already seen in the past. Instead, it feels like the Supreme is capitalizing on what we’ve loved the most over the years, recontextualized to suit the current era.

Fat Tip denim puffer and jean sets? Lil Kim and Silver Surfer shirts? A slew of sick sports and artist collaborations? What’s not to love?

That’s the feeling that ‘Preme has needed to recapture to draw us back in, and personally, it’s working. Whether or not that means Sup’ is really back is yet to be seen – but if this is the type of product we have to look forward to and can cop without camping out, queuing around the block, or fighting against bots, the future looks exciting.

Supreme’s third drop of Spring/Summer 2022 launches online and in stores tomorrow. In the meantime, you can eyeball the full collection preview here.

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