It’s Not Even Fall & Marni’s Already Gained the Balaclava Competitors

Marni’s mohair masterclass continues. The striped mohair finish is nothing new for us at this point; Marni mohair is a perennial highlight of the fall/winter season. That said, we’re usually welcoming Marni mohair into our fall/winter wardrobes in its sweater or cardigan form. This year, though, we welcome the Marni mohair balaclava with open arms.

Like everything that bears the Marni name, the Marni mohair balaclava is a playful exploration of what luxury fashion can be. The balaclava, a typically black, fairly menacing affair, is made into something almost childlike in the hands of Francesco Risso.

For starters, the rainbow-stripe palette sets the tone. Couple that with the hairy texture and you’ve got a visual and tactile highlight for all your fall/winter fits.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that you can pair the Marni mohair balaclava with a rollneck sweater cut from the same cloth. No, literally cut from the same cloth. Worn together, you’ll be sporting rainbow-striped mohair from the waist to the top of your cranium. That’s a serious cold-weather look.

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