Jonah Hill Is Trying Cool AF Once more (Shock)

Every now and then I rewatch Superbad to revisit 2007 Jonah Hill and often wonder how the fuck that little fat kid became one of the most stylish men on the planet.

Sure, I understand it’s a role and his name isn’t really Seth, and yeh, he doesn’t actually have a 25 year old Hawaiian organ donor friend called McLovin, but he is still the kid that has undeniably become one of the greatest when it comes to perfecting the art of casual dressing.

Because it is an art, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

His latest example of casual expertise – and how less is most certainly more – came earlier this week, when he was spotted wandering the sunny streets of Malibu, California, in his signature yellow sunnies, a boxy tee, white shorts, and a pair of navy loafers.

Not only is this yet another example of Hill’s ability to almost effortlessly make any ensemble bang, but it also serves as a timely reminder that style shouldn’t be over thought and, if anything, that it should be approached with as little thought as possible.

Of course, Hill’s position as an unofficial style icon is nothing new, quite the contrary, in fact.

Earlier this year Highsnobiety paid homage to his ever-growing arsenal of ‘fit pics which included “Surf’s Up, Jonah,” “Tourist Dad,” and who can forget “The Row’s Best Unofficial Influencer.”

While Hill’s artistry might lie mostly in casual attire, no formal occasion is off limits either, as he demonstrated back in January at the premiere of Netflix’s climate change comedy Don’t Look Up to which he arrived well and truly Gucci-fied.

Like I said, I’m not rewriting the style icon book here, Hill is just continuing to deliver. And I just think it’s worth reiterating style moments of consistency, and this is certainly one of them for me. Amen, brother.

Source: Highsnobiety

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