Karrimor Japan Gets “VERSATILE” For Spring/Summer 2022

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Adapting to your environmental needs requires your versatility and functionality from your apparel – and that’s precisely what Karrimor Japan’s Spring/Summer 2022 “VERSATILE” collection has to offer.

If you’re a Brit, I have no doubts that you’re familiar with Karrimor. The remixed Union Jack logo emblazoned on the chest of P.E teachers, suburban parents, and festival-goers alike – unmistakable.

The likelihood is; your experience with the brand comes from trips around Sports Direct seeking out new football gear, but Karrimor Japan isn’t that – it’s elevated, high-performing, and oozing Japanese style sensibilities.


As a regionally exclusive arm of the brand, getting your hands on pieces isn’t the easiest of tasks. If you find yourself seeking out a jacket or two, you’ll need to connect with your The North Face Purple Label or United Arrows proxy, though it’d be worth the effort.

For Spring/Summer 2022, Karrimor Japan looks at its apparel lines from two perspectives, being nature and city, under the umbrella of “VERSATILITY.”

These parallels have been designed with their environmental needs in mind.


Where the city is concerned, styles retain the high-performing functionality of their nature-led counterparts but with a strictly minimalist aesthetic. Crew neck pullovers switch out cotton for Pertex for wind-combating capabilities, while drawstring pants allow for adaptable fits and silhouettes.

Being within proximity to nature requires a tighter focus on protective qualities, reflected through Pertex pants, functional ventilation details on waterproof outerwear pieces, and adjustable cuffs, hems, and hoods for sudden shifts in weather.

There’s plenty to digest from Karrimor Japan’s Spring/Summer 2022 “VERSATILE” collection, which you can shop online now. Good hunting.

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