Kim’s Kids Are Outdressing Her

Kim Kardashian wears clothes. Often, she makes headlines for wearing clothes. On occasion, people around her wear clothes that make her clothes look like less clothes. So it goes for Saint West and Psalm West, Kardashian’s ultra-stylish kids.

There’s certainly something to be said about the effect that ex-husband Kanye has had upon Kardashian’s own style — Kim herself often gives Ye plenty of praise for schooling her in the art of dressing and even recently credited him for inspiring SKKN, her divisive skincare brand.

Certainly, there’d be no supervillain Kim or Balenciaga shpants Kim without Ye, who’s BFFLs with Balenciaga director Demna.

That Marilyn Monroe incident woulda happened either way, though.

Anyhoo, Kanye giveth and Kanye take: even as he oversaw the chrysalis period of Kim’s wardrobe, he was giving her shit for dressing like “Marge Simpson” to which I must ask why there’s literally any need to shade Marge. I just think she’s neat.

The separated couple’s eldest daughter, North, is no less critical of Kardashian’s style, though she’s way less harsh (big surprise that Ye’s got more tantrums than a nine year-old).



What’s funny is that, by and large, as poised and as polished as Kim’s looks are, she ain’t got nothing on her kids.

Children’s stigma-free style — especially when applied to a wardrobe as massive as the Kardashians’ — is always more appealing than something that clearly takes loads of effort.

The secret to looking good has always been to not try (or at least look like you aren’t trying) and the Kardashian kids have got that on lock.

Case in point: the painless looks rocked by Saint (age 6) and Psalm (age 3) while out and about with mom as she promotes SKKN’s launch to the general public.

Presumably, the tots aren’t actually picking their own clothes so props to whoever’s styling them (Kim?) ‘cuz the results are amusingly cool.

Perpetually flexing YEEZYs — even Kim can’t quit ’em — BAPE, paisley print, vintage band tees, and Ye-approved overshirts, Saint and Psalm are fitted, to put it simply.

Compared to Kim’s Balenciaga leggings and Ferrari parody hat (that inexplicably says “Israel”??), Saint and Psalm’s mix-n-match style feels far fresher.

Funnily enough, their looks kinda recall Ye’s own stylistic glory days from a decade or so ago.

And if Kanye’s gotta be known for anything these days, it might as well be inspiring his kids’ fairly interesting outfits. It’s better than the alternative.

Source: Highsnobiety

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