Klättermusen Gear Makes the Perfect Summer Companion

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Who’d have thought it; technical performance garms tackle the highs of summer just as well as the pits of the year’s coldest months? When it comes to top-tier outdoors gear, believe it or not, it’s not all about GORE-TEX and beading – its preparedness, comfort, and cutting-edge style, just like Klättermusen has to offer.

Outside of the odd hike or blast up a mountain, I’m certainly guilty of putting my shell jackets to work at festivals. The predictably unpredictable weather in the UK dictates it be that way, and a quick glance around all the Arc’teryx Outlook Festival UK last weekend gave me the certification I needed to see that my countrymen shared the idea.


Some will shake their heads at the prospect, but no one likes raving in soggy cotton. In those moments between bursts of rain, however, Gorp gear comes in just as clutch. During the same weekend, I put a couple of Klättermusen pieces to the test.

I’ve sported one of their top-tier jackets before, and their performance cannot be faulted. This time around, however, it was a pair of shorts and a bag that came out on top.

Typically, I’m a jorts or sweat shorts type of guy, but spotty northern weather pushed me to give some technical shorts a go. Super stretchy comfort, plenty of concealed pockets, and quick-drying action when you end up rattling a full can of beer over yourself? The Gifjon shorts ticked very box ticked.


Now, if I’m stepping out of the house, a sling of some sort is essential. On this occasion, the Algir Lanyard Pocket was what I threw on. As the name suggests, this thing is tiny – it’s perfectly sized to fit an iPhone 13 Pro Max in the main compartment, coupled with lip balm, gum, and a set of keys in the front zip pocket.

Although these might not be Klättermusen gear’s intended purpose as such, they performed at peak levels, making it pretty clear that the brand’s gear is perfect for whatever motives summer throws at you.

If you need to gear up for a festival, rave, hike, camping trip, or otherwise, you can grab the latest from Klättermusen via its official site and retailers like Working Class Heroes.

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