Klättermusen Spring/Summer 2022 is Your Official Invite Outdoors

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Klättermusen’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection has landed, and you should consider this your official invitation to get up and outdoors.

Not that it should come as a surprise to anybody, but the British weather this spring has some pretty serious commitment issues. We’ve gone through clear skies and temperature highs to snow, wind, thunder, and rain, all in one day.

If you’ve freed up your calendar to spend some time on the trails or to finally conquer that mountain you’ve been dreaming of, these fluctuating weather systems will present challenges – challenges best solved by functional, protective, and adaptable gear. The type of gear that Klättermusen has mastered.


It’s been a minute since we last touched base with the Swedish outdoor experts. Six months, to be precise. The last time eyes were set in its direction, Klättermusen was taking its first steps “Off The Mountain,” with a concise eight-piece apparel collection.

Fast forward to Spring/Summer 2022, and the layers are getting lighter, outerwear more adaptable, and best suited to fast-paced activities.

As the confused weather would dictate, light layers aren’t enough – protective elements are essential because who likes getting caught in the rain unprepared? Spoilers: no one.


Within the SS22 line-up, you’ll find a selection of iconic Klättermusen products, such as the Ansur Organic Windproof and Asynja Waterproofs, letting you stay light and adaptable while going toe-to-toe with the elements. Additional new styles include the Hugin Zip and Grimm pants, best suited to trekking, hiking, running, and climbing.

The full Klättermusen Spring/Summer 2022 collection is available online now. Happy trails!

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