Lanvin x Gallery Dept. Is Back for Round Two

It’s no secret that building up a sense of mystery and exclusivity is a driving force for successful names in fashion today. Few labels have done a better job of this than Gallery Dept., the enigmatic label run by Josué Thomas has mystery in abundance and it’s what makes its ongoing collaboration with the legendary Maison Lanvin so interesting.

Considering the quasi-secretive nature of Gallery Dept. — the brand that has dressed the likes of Migos and LeBron James in wearable art — the announcement of its first Lanvin collaboration was nothing short of mind-boggling. But it worked so well. Lanvin, being one of fashion’s most lauded Houses, gave Thomas and Gallery Dept. carte blanche to experiment on its luxury items. The result was a collection rooted in luxury heritage but firmly facing towards a creative, unorthodox future.

Now, Lanvin x Gallery Dept. has reached its second chapter — another surprising turn of events after Josué Thomas announced that the brand would be closing a handful of months ago. Once again, Lanvin x Gallery Dept. embraces a furiously urban style. Thomas has taken ownership of several Lanvin pieces, hacking their iconic status with his signature artistic flair.

Lanvin Creative Director Bruno Sialelli has shown his affinity with ‘90s urban style already. Take the Curb Sneakers which he introduced, for example. These now-signature sneakers take inspiration from the styles that populated skate culture at the time. It’s this openness to the culture that allows Lanvin to push the potential of its sneakers, hoodies, and T-shirts in the latest Lanvin x Gallery Dept. collection. Using go-to techniques like paint drips, the collaboration brings a sense of total freedom and energy.

As a whole, the second installment of Lanvin x Gallery Dept. truly meets in the middle of the two labels. Lanvin’s heritage gets a turbo boost into the present day — a natural move as Sialelli edges closer to luxury streetwear each season — while Gallery Dept. Is given the space to further deepen its mysterious story. Whether we’ll see anything more from Thomas’ label or not, you can’t say it didn’t have an exciting time while it was around.

Shop the latest Lanvin x Gallery Dept. collection here.

Source: Highsnobiety

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