Lanvin’s New Bag Appears to be like Actual Acquainted…

Lanvin recently became the latest player to enter the rubber bag game, issuing a new summer ’22 handbag which looks real Balenciaga-ish.

Lanvin’s rubber bucket bag manifests as a mini tote punctured with ventilation holes, details which are very much à la Balenciaga x Crocs.

It’s almost like Lanvin asked Balenciaga if it could copy its homework but changed some answers to not seem too obvious.

Unlike Balenciaga’s Crocs tote, Lanvin’s bag carries a $950 price tag, its historic mother-daughter logo designed by Paul Iribe, and a calfskin leather strap for crossbody wearability.

Lanvin’s bag may host a few differences. But, let’s be honest, the Balenciaga x Crocs vibe is undeniably there.

Indeed, this isn’t the first time a Lanvin piece gave us déjà vu.

Lanvin’s hyped Curb sneakers bear a striking resemblance to Osiris’ D3 skate shoe.

Highsnobiety commenters have even called it an “ongoing rip-off” of the California skateboard brand’s beloved sneaker.

Lanvin’s Curb sneaker is amongst the brand’s many efforts to savor its forever-young spirit instilled by founder Jeanne Lanvin.

It’s almost like an adult clinging to their youth by hanging around the cool kids.

In the end, some come off as Steve Buscemi’s iconic 30 Rock meme, desperately trying to remain hip.

However, things are actually working in Lanvin’s favor, thanks to its creative director Bruno Sialelli who ushered the house into this new era of renewed youthfulness.

Under Sialelli’s Lanvin reign, in-the-know labels like Gallery Dept. and A Ma Maniére are collaborators and Gen Z faves like Bella Hadid and Evan Mock are faces of the brand.

Oh, and then there was the Batman collab. And, yes, I’m talking about Pattinson’s Batman.

Like Stella, Lanvin is slowly getting its groove back. And while I’m here for it, it’d be a shame to see such an iconic fashion house embark on its dupe journey.

Though, I suspect TikTok, the home of faux fashion lovers, would have no complaints.

Source: Highsnobiety

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