Louis Vuitton, Addias, Swarvoski – These Are The Most Misspelt And Mispronounced Style Manufacturers

misspelled mispronounced fashion brands
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Even though misspelling and mispronouncing fashion brands is a universal experience, that doesn’t mean it’s not an embarrassing one.

When you’re sending a quick Whatsapp to your friends or asking sales assistant where a top maybe. You meant to say Jacquemus, but somehow Jaquemous comes out. From French luxury brands to streetwear athletic brands, the list of misspelt and mispronounced fashion brand names may shock you.

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1. Adidas

Noura bin Saidan
Courtesy of adidas MENA

The German-owned athleisure brand that’s been making waves with regional collaborations takes the number one spot on the misspelled and mispronounced fashion brands list. According to JOOR, this brand is misspelt an average of 556,000 times a month in global searches.

Common misspelling: Addidas
Correct spelling: Adidas
Common mispronunciation: Ah-DEE-des
Correct pronunciation: AH-dee-dahs

2. Swarovski

Bella Hadid Swarovski clear white
Courtesy of Swarovski

With a recent pop-up in MOE (in collaboration with SKIMS) and a viral campaign with Bella Hadid, Swarovski holds the crystal reigns in the jewellery game. But that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most misspelt fashion brands.

Common misspelling: Swaroski
Correct spelling: Swarovski
Common mispronunciation: Swa-ro-ski
Correct pronunciation: Swa-rov-skee

3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton misspelled mispronounced
Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

A long-established hegemony in the luxury fashion world, LV is misspelt 78,700 a month through global searches.

Common misspelling: Luis Vuitton
Correct spelling: Louis Vuitton
Common mispronunciation: Loo-is Vit-on
Correct pronunciation: Loo-EE Vwee-ton

4. Versace

Out of all the misspelt and mispronounced fashion brands, Versace is arguably the label that owns it the most. In fact, their Fall/Winter 2018 collection was titled, “It’s Versace, not Versachee.”

Common misspelling: Versache
Correct spelling: Versace
Common mispronunciation: Ver-sach-AY
Correct pronunciation: Ver-sach-EE

5. Jacquemus

Jacquemus mini me
Courtesy of Jacquemus

French names seem to bear the brunt of the spelling mistakes, as almost all of the 40,000 searches Jacquemus receives are spelled Jaquemus…

Common misspelling: Jaquemus
Correct spelling: Jacquemus
Common mispronunciation: Jack-kay-muhs
Correct pronunciation: ZHAK-moose

6. Asics

ASICSGel-Kayano Legacy "Pure Silver" sneakers
Instagram @asics

If you want to stay ahead of the trends, the Asics “Pure Silver” sneakers are firmly on the rise. The athlete-focused brand is being taken over by streetstyle fanatics, despite the fact many spell and say it wrong.

Common misspelling: Ascis
Correct spelling: Asics
Common mispronunciation: Ey-six
Correct pronunciation: Ay-six

7. Dolce and Gabbana

Kim Kardashian Dolce & Gabanna misspelled mispronounced
Instagram @kimkardashian

Joining forces with Kim Kardashian, Italian heritage brand Dolce & Gabbana also makes the list of the most misspelt fashion brands. Their “Ciao, Kim” Spring/Summer 2023 line made waves on social as it paid homage to their iconic 90’s fashion looks.

Common misspelling: Dolce gabana
Correct spelling: Dolce and Gabbana
Common mispronunciation: DOL-say and Gab-anna
Correct pronunciation: DOL-chay eh ga-BAN-eh

8. Loewe

Loewe X On - Amna Al Qubaisi
Courtesy Of Loewe and On

After tapping the first Emirati racer, Amna Al Qusaibi, to be the face of their On sneaker collab, this brand has continues to solidify itself in the luxury fashion world.

Common misspelling: Lowee
Correct spelling: Loewe
Common mispronunciation: Low-ee
Correct pronunciation: Loh-WAY-vay

9. Moschino

Moschino misspelled mispronounced
Courtesy of Moschino

An Italian luxury design house established in 1983, the pronunciation and spelling of Moschino has always been a thing. But we are here to set it straight.

Common misspelling: Mochino
Correct spelling: Moschino
Common mispronunciation: Mow-SHEE-noh
Correct pronunciation: Mohs-KEY-noh

10. Stüssy

Instagram @stussy

The name might look European, but this skater streetwear brand is actually American. While the spelling is one thing, the pronunciation is the real shocker. So be sure to get it right, according to our pronunciation tip below.

Common misspelling: Studsy
Correct spelling: Stüssy
Common mispronunciation: Stu-SEE
Correct pronunciation: st-OO-see

Source: Prestige Online

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