Louis Vuitton Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Objets Nomades

Complex in their geometry, Raw Edges’ Dolls consist of a base, shell, and seat meant to be dressed individually, making them unique to their owner. The bases, covered with fabric or leather, are topped with the shell and seat elements, all inspired by diverse cultures, heritage, and folk crafts around the globe.

“We liked the challenge of working on a collection of collapsible objects. Usually, the focus is on how to make collapsible objects very small and flat. In this project, we mostly focused on how to make them look large, surprising, and with real presence when they are expanded. In this case, we started with the armchair, which is the most challenging, then applied the comfort, foldability, strength, and finally, the mechanism to the table and the light shade, and now for the new collection also for the shelves.” — Raw Edges


“We were continuing our study into creating complex shapes only by simple flat surfaces; in this case, we were intrigued by the idea of no distinction between the inside and the outside of a shape.” — Raw Edges


Louis Vuitton Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Objets Nomades

The Bomboca sofa, designed by the Campana brothers, embodies their design journey of collaborating with Louis Vuitton materials and exploring the Louis Vuitton universe. Named after sweets served at weddings and children’s parties in Brazil and meaning “very good,” the modular sofa was originally inspired by cloud shapes and colorful round sea apples, and the cushions — in fabric or leather — can even be used separately as poufs.

Louis Vuitton Celebrates The 10th Anniversary Of Objets Nomades
Dolls by Raw Edges, Diamond Vase by Marcel Wanders & Gabriele Chiave, Origami Flowers by Atelier Oï, Blossom Stool by Tokujin Yoshioka and Totem floral by Damien Langlois-Meurinne


Source: Haute Living

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