Luxurious Resale’s Newest Participant Is… Goodwill?

Goodwill, the non-profit known for its network of thrift stores, has launched an online marketplace, GoodwillFinds, offering vintage and secondhand designer wares.

The platform marks Goodwill’s first foray into digital resale, a sector that’s exploded thanks to apps such as Depop and TheRealReal, as well as increased demand for more eco-conscious modes of consumption.

GoodwillFinds offers a mix of your usual thrift store fare — vintage and contemporary apparel, footwear, and accessories — as well as labels including Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi. Most big ticket items come with certificates of authenticity.

You can even find a selection of collectible sneakers on the site. A quick browse reveals listings for a pair of BAPESTAs and Nike x Undercover Daybreaks.

As is the case with all Goodwill sales, proceeds from GoodwillFinds fund the organization’s necessary work: providing job training, job placement, and youth mentorship. Per a press release, “Net proceeds from purchases will flow directly back to the region the item was sourced from,” meaning profits are funneled back into local communities.

Goodwill’s new venture speaks to the popularization of thrifting, as well as what some consider the “gentrification” of thrift stores, a phenomenon in which shoppers snatch up secondhand merchandise with the purpose of flipping it for profit (typically on Depop). Meanwhile, those who rely on stores such as Goodwill for affordable wares are left with fewer options.

We can all get behind the designer gems at GoodwillFinds and even more so its mission, but don’t forget: shopping is best done mindfully.

Source: Highsnobiety