Master Italian Tailors PT Torino Are Quickly Earning a Place in Our Wardrobe

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During Milan Fashion Week 2022, PT Torino – an Italian brand, as the name suggests born out of Torino – launched its PT Progressive Talents project. Focused on exploring new generations of creatives and talents, the PT Progressive Talents project garners art, photography, design, music, architecture and more in all diverse forms. To introduce the project, PT and Italian director Roberto Ortu created a short film centered around six talents and their creative expressions.

The short film is an exploration of the passions, personalities and emotions of the talent involved and their connection as their paths intertwine. Dressed in tailored PT Torino trousers, pantsuits and jackets the characters include 16-year-old skater Davindo, Toni, an actor in his 60s, 17-year old dancer Ilary, 27-year-old social art curator Andrea, bassist Edoardo, and 18-year-old climber Elena.

Alongside the talents are contemporary artist, architect and writer Alessandro Bava and Italian graphic designer Luca Devin, who bring the ensemble together through an ambiguous architectural vision to create the set design. The project’s aim is to strengthen the connection between PT Torino and its ever-evolving community of artists and creatives by bringing the brand’s identity to life through them.

While PT Torino’s is best known for its wide range of refined tailored trousers, which they have specialized in up until recently, the brand is now branching out into other ready-to-wear pieces. This latest collection, featured in the film, evokes a feel of London’s swinging sixties rockstars meets preppy sportswear.

Watch the short film below and click here to learn more about PT Torino and the Progressive Talents Project.

Source: Highsnobiety