MM6 Maison Margiela Remodeled Salomon Sneakers Into Thigh-Highs

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MM6 Maison Margiela might be even better at collaborations than the mainline collection. During Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023, the sub-label revealed its second Salomon collaboration, comprising thigh-high boots and running vests.

In case you’re unaware, MM6 Maison Margiela is the enigmatic fashion house’s “diffusion” line overseen by a collective of designers; until recently, it was womenswear only. Now, MM6 is co-ed and, frankly, better than ever.

Tell you the truth, I recently overheard the buyers for one of New York’s most respected indie boutiques telling a client that they’d started buying only MM6 for their store because “[MM6] does Margiela better than mainline Margiela.”

Scandalous in certain circles, objective truth in others.

Whatever side you fall on, the fact of the matter is that MM6 is crushing it these days, dishing highly wearable collections buoyed by reworked Margiela signatures and contemporary classics.

Some of those contemporary classics include recent team-ups with Eastpak, the previous Salomon shoe, and, of course, MM6’s iconic collab with The North Face.

For Spring/Summer 2023, MM6 is holding to just one collaborative partner (for now), prepping a two-piece partnership with Salomon that includes a redesigned Adv Skin 5 running vest — ideal for both staying hydrated on the go and attempting to layer through summer — and special thigh-high boots.

Note that the boots aren’t a remixed Salomon sneaker, per se. See, they’re an original MM6 footwear design, simply fitted with Salomon’s sole tooling below. It’s a collaboration through and through but one that defies easy categorization.

And that speaks to the underrated brilliance of MM6: it takes the avant-garde cues of Maison Margiela and filters them through an approachable lens, yielding remarkably wearable clothing. Win-win.

Source: Highsnobiety