No One Does Fits & Joints Like A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky arriving at his birthday party in a CELINE HOMME two-piece with a joint hanging from his mouth is how cool I felt I looked arriving at my school prom, when in reality I was a tiny kid wearing his dad’s too-big suit rolling up in a ridiculous hummer limo.

Even now, as a fully fledged thirty-something adult, I couldn’t look 1% as cool as A$AP Rocky does in any sort of suit, no matter how hard I tried.

But that’s what sets us norms apart from the celebrities, right? The ability to look effortlessly cool on any given occasion.

Anyway, here’s the rapper arriving at his 34th shindig in Los Angeles looking the business clad in CELINE HOMME’s striped wool boxy suit jacket, flared cropped pants, a silk jacquard tie, and their shiny calfskin Drugstore Derby shoes.

A lesson in suiting? Yes. The first time he’s done it? Absolutely not.

Last month the rapper was spotted on the busy streets of New York clad in a rig Highsnobiety’s Morgan Smith could only describe as “a western cowboy’s favorite wedding getup.”

And while that might sound a little garish, it was, in truth, anything but. Take a black blazer, two-tone jeans, and a pair of steely cowboy boots, and add a Versace tie for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a fine ‘fit for a barn dance.

Of course, A$AP Rocky’s style extends well beyond formal wear too.

Whether it’s his Givenchy-heavy leather skirt look, the frankly wild concoctions he’s been seen in alongside Rihanna, or him giving a lesson in loungewear, it’s always spectacularly on-point.

So, sit back, relax, and take it in. And while we might never be quite as sleek as A$AP Rocky literally ever, we can at least try. Oh, and don’t smoke, because that isn’t cool, it just looks it.

Source: Highsnobiety

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