OMEGA Still Has an Eye on Outer Space

The lengthy relationship between OMEGA and NASA is as important to the watchmaker at it was the day that astronaut Buzz Aldrin walked across the surface of the moon on July 21, 1969 wearing his Speedmaster Professional. So important, in fact, that OMEGA is still celebrating the anniversary of Aldrin’s history-making moon walk 53 years later.

And why not? It’s kind of a big deal to be part of one of humanity’s defining achievements.

July 21, 2022 is a lot different than the summer of ’69 — where’s our Summer of Love? — but NASA and the moon landing have never been more relevant.

What with those James Webb Telescope images blowing up the internet and a new frontier of space travel within grasp, we’ve never been closer to outer space. Kinda.

Earlier this year, in fact, OMEGA made outer space that much closer to us with the OMEGA x Swatch Moonswatch collab, which sold out instantly and even began flipping online.

The furor was proof that both space stuff and OMEGA’s timeless timepieces are as hot as ever.

Case two: OMEGA’s new portrait of the 92-year-old Aldrin, looking tough as nails as he poses with his own Speedmaster 321 Moonwatch.

On its rear, engraved proof of the timepiece being the first watch to ever reach the moon’s surface.

Aldrin may have been the first astronaut to take OMEGA to the stars but he certainly wasn’t the last.

After he piloted Apollo 11 to the Sea of Tranquility, all the subsequent Apollo missions until Apollo 17 wore OMEGA watches fitted with identical calibers, indicative of the resilient utility built into OMEGA’s signature watches.

Us civilians don’t necessarily need the same level of function in our day-to-day but it couldn’t hurt to tap into that level of exactness.

Good enough for NASA, certainly good enough for us.

Source: Highsnobiety

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