Paper Boi And Darius Turn Fashion Bros In Atlanta Season 3

We had to wait nearly four years but Atlanta is finally gracing our screen once again. Season 3 of the Emmy-winning series is here and it looks as surreal as ever.

Those who can still remember what happened in season 2 (it’s been a long few years) will know that it finished with the episode “Crabs in a Barrel” where Paper Boi was headed to support Clark County on a European tour. Joined by Earn, Zazie, and Darius on foreign land, this season we get to see what transpires on tour.

Paper Boi’s acceptance to play the game and reach the top of the music industry has come to a fore and part of that is taking more care of his image. Gone are the oversized polo shirts and basic jeans — it’s Gucci and Burberry for him now.

Sure this isn’t the first time Paper Boi has worn designer clothes, the end of last season included the rapper wearing a humble black Gucci t-shirt, but now he’s got the denim jackets and sweaters to match.

It’s a change that is acknowledged in the trailer for the new season, as Paper Boi is being measured up by a tailor and Earn questions “are you not worried about what the streets think?” only for him to show that he doesn’t by replying “the streets?”

While we will have to wait until the show is released before we see what made-to-measure garment that results in, the trailer also shows us the rapper wearing a Burberry bomber jacket, BAPE long sleeve t-shirt, and a caramel brown double-breasted blazer.

And it isn’t just Paper Boi who is going through some changes in the new series. Played by LaKeith Stanfield, Darius always had fits but this new season he is taking them to another level.

Shown in the trailer indulging in what Amsterdam has to offer, the rapper’s right-hand man has also found a love for the Italian luxury house Gucci. He’s seen in cardigans, a fluffy tench coat, and sweatpants all adorned with the GG motif.

Premiering on March 24, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on Atlanta season 3 style moments in the upcoming weeks. But for now, check out the trailer to see Paper Boi’s new look.

Source: Highsnobiety

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