Pokémon Boys Membership? Billionaire Pokémon Membership?

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While Billionaire Boys Club EU continues to connect the dots as it makes waves in the European music scene, its Stateside contingent looks to globally adored anime and cross-cultural franchise Pokémon to deliver a collaborative collection of apparel and accessories.

The power of Pokémon continues to impress me. In 26 years, what started as a beloved RPG (role-playing game) for the Nintendo Gameboy back in 1996, quickly progressed to become a multimedia powerhouse, reaching television screens as an animated series in 1997 (which is still going strong), before its first film in 1998 – there’s been one every year since, by the way.

From playing cards that fetch astronomical sums on the resale market to collaborations with fashion brands, including a recent drop with Clarks Originals, Pokémon is a real player across several mediums and a deeply loved one at that. Now, a select cast of favorites is joining the world of Billionaire Boys Club.


Delivered a select arrangement of apparel pieces and accessories in BBC’s favored streetwear style and unforgettable characters like Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Meowth play stars.

Knitted sweatshirts and jersey hoodies are the centerpieces of the collection, decorated with bold character graphics and slogans on bases of black and grey. The collection’s core, a three-piece selection of t-shirts, each comes on black blanks filled with unmissable graphics – my personal favorite housing the legend, Mewtwo.

The heaviest hitter of the drop? Easily the Pikachu vs. Meowth rug. It’s just as bold as it sounds.

Billionaire Boys Club’s six-piece Pokémon capsule collection will be available via BBC flagship stores across the US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and online from August 12.

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