Robb Recommends: Bevel’s New Clipper-Trimmer Combo Brings Barbershop Quality to At-Home Cuts

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For a few years, Bevel’s baseline trimmer has been a trusted device for guys with thick whiskers or skin prone to ingrown hairs. It’s great for detailing, spot-check trims and nearly skintight electric shaves. But it has also lacked something significant: The ability to customize the length you want to trim to. It’s a definite workhorse, but it was hard to recommend to the universal user since it couldn’t deliver, say, an all-over quarter-inch trimming.

That’s why I was excited to test out the new Bevel Pro, which combines the precision of a beard trimmer and hair clipper combo. This is the stuff barbershop dreams are made of: A weighted, cordless device with the muscle needed in a hair clipper, and the customization needed for beards and scalps alike.

Sean C. Pitt/Bevel

While there’s a lot to like about the device, allow me to run you through some of its best features. It holds a 4-hour charge, and its bright LED display indicates both battery life and gap adjustments. You can adjust the space between the guard and the blade from 0mm to 2.5mm at the touch of a button, allowing for super-close fades without any fumbling. It also comes with has swappable clipper and trimmer blades, along with five swappable guard heads (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 by barbershop measurements, to trim up to half an inch); and those guards are easily mounted and dismounted with a magnet lock.

The Pro launches Bevel into the barbershop stratosphere, alongside beloved names like Andis, Wahl and BaBylissPRO. It draws the same clean lines and has the same baseline functions as the brand’s original trimmer, but its versatility and adeptness with both beards and hair make it one of the few combination devices I feel good about recommending.

Pre-Order Now: $329.95

Source: Robb Report

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