Runway Report: Milan Fashion Week Autumn 2022 Day 5 Recap

Milan Fashion Week returned on February 23rd. This season, we are seeing both heritage and young Italian brands embracing innovation and pushing their artistic geniuses to the new heights of excellence. 

Here are our picks for the most memorable shows from Milan Fashion Week day 5:

Han Kjøbenhavn

Danish designer Han Kjøbenhavn has shaken the runways of Milan fashion week with his autumn 2022 collection’s spooky sex appeal. The built upon evening wear canons by reinventing floor-length gowns with tinsel inserts, sheer veils and leather bustiers. Tailoring featured Kjøbehnavn’s signature exaggerated slouchy shoulders and sculptured silhouettes. The designer also masterfully combined suede and faux fur in a look that featured a cropped jacket with a plunging V-neck and a statuesque floor-length skirt. 


For any other luxury brand, showing at Milan fashion week, making utility the sole point of its collection would be simply not effective enough. For a unique brand like Ferrari, however, putting functionality and performance at the forefront of its presentation is both logical and enticing. This season Ferrari came up with a range of biker jackets (naturally), tight performance tops that turned into dresses at some point and leather boiler suits. The bulk of the collection was presented in blacks, reds, yellows and blues, however, an interesting addition of three looks in white and pastel was what made the show feel even fresher. 

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is somewhat a piece of heavy artillery when it comes to tailoring. Autumn 2022 presentation only proves the sentiment. Armani-beloved velvet in blues and blacks constituted the bulk of the collection, with tasteful sprinkles of brocade and silk. A recurring influence this season for Amrani’s brands – cuboid motifs – were spotted across the range of jackets and dresses, immediately evoking the artistic canons of the 1930s. The collection was undeniable soft and, as is true for most of Mr Armani’s collections, short of, perhaps, couture, timeless. 

Aniye Records

The autumn 2022 collection of the Italian brand Aniye Records expresses a desperate longing for provocative extravagance. Bowie-inspired suits under massive floor-length coats appeared with skinny glittery suits that exposed tattered tights and studded biker jackets. Rock’n’rol influences were evident in everything from leather two-pieces with dropped waists and even Lolita-esque mini dressed that barely hid the model’s nipples. Corsetry was another running theme: lace-up inserts adorned gowns, pants, suits and dresses.

Source: Prestige Online

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