Runway Report: Paris Fashion Week Autumn 2022 Day 8 Recap

The most glamorous season of the year – Paris Fashion Week – is finally here. 

Here are our picks for the most memorable shows from Paris Fashion Week Day 8:


Chanel’s autumn 2022 was an homage to – you guessed it – tweed. The cult textile was presented in a riveting variety of colours and silhouettes: those were bubble-gum-pink coats, a black skirt suit with red trim, and a dusty-red tweed boiler suit. To support her love letter to tweed, Virginie Viard conjured the spirits of 1960s London, where punk met prep. The new range of accessories included a couple of newsboy caps, thigh-high boots and the reinvented version of the signature Chanel leather chain belts.

Miu Miu

This season Miuccia Prada decided to double down on the infamous Miu Miu micro skirt and instil it into a context more winter-friendly. The collection, as a whole, was both preppy and sporty. Novel additions included shearling and snakeskin (faux, naturally) as well as lingerie-inspired elements that subtly made their way under heavy leather jackets. Autumn 2022 also saw Miu Miu come up with a couple of gender-neutral silhouettes, presumable after seeing how the viral mini-set was so beloved on social media by men and women alike. 


Nehera’s Ladislav Zdut seems not to attribute all that much importance to trends, as attested by his autumn 2022 collection. It’s a collection for grownups, where tailoring is at its core, where high-waisted silhouettes are dominant. Some looks were presented with scarves and shawls as accessories, refreshing the overall austere ambiance of the range.  There was something resembling Armani in how streamlined the cuts were: the flowy, pleated pants with cinched jackets could have passed as works of finest Italian tailors if it wasn’t for the chest pockets.

Petar Petrov

Autumn 2022 for Petar Petrov was all about the colour brown, as much as it was for Loewe and Louis Vuitton. The colour of choice was natural not only due to the trends dictating so, but, primarily, because of the very nature of Petrov’s fashion. Dresses, fitted boiler suits and bourgeois-inspired tailoring all painted an accurate picture of the styles that took over Paris and, with it, half of Europe. Apart from browns of all shades and textures, the collection embraced denim, especially enticing looked the denim shirt tucket into extremely low-waisted jeans. 

Source: Prestige Online

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