Shayne Oliver’s Many-Faceted Anonymous Club Is Now a Clothing Brand, Too

Shayne Oliver’s Anonymous Club, a creative incubator comprised of the Hood By Air founder’s closest collaborators, is set to launch as a clothing brand.

The collective — whose members include Ian Isiah, Thug Pop, and Santiago — has always existed at the intersection of fashion, music, fine art, and nightlife, developing everything from mix tapes to clothing collaborations.

Now, Anonymous Club is applying its many-tentacled approach to develop a standalone fashion label, which, according to Vogue, will be sold via an in-the-works Shayne Olivier e-commerce platform.

Anonymous Club, the brand, soft-launched in New York City this past weekend at Club Couture, a new party series open to the public. It was there that Oliver and his crew debuted Anonymous Club’s first standalone collection, a range of playful re-engineerings of the T-shirt, hoodie, and tracksuit — concepts that likely sound familiar to fans of HBA, which relaunched in June 2020 after a three-year hiatus.

On second thought, “hiatus” is a bit of a misnomer for Oliver’s brief break from the mainstream fashion system. After all, he never stopped creating — as Ebony L. Haynes wrote for Highsnobiety, “you were just not part of the gang that needed to be in the know of what was cooking (or perhaps, simmering).”

Still, 2022 has been especially busy for the creative director. In February, Anonymous Club hosted Headless: The Demonstration, a three-day residency at The Shed that concluded with the debut of Oliver’s eponymous new clothing line.

Between the return of Hood By Air, Anonymous Club, the label, and Shayne Oliver, the label, the maverick designer is breathing new life into New York City’s fashion scene.

Source: Highsnobiety

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