Shorts And Hoodies All Spring, Thats The Mantra

Right now we find ourselves in the most magical time of year, also known as shorts and hoodie season. Whether you’re taking a twilight stroll or it’s simply a windier-than-usual late summer day, the shorts and hoodie combination is one that will keep you comfortable and stylish until we reach peak summer.

I’ve thought a lot about why a hoodie and shorts look so great together and have come to the conclusion that it has to do with evoking both a “ready for anything” spirit as well as a casualness that lends itself to more confidence. And, as many know, confidence is the secret ingredient to all style maneuvers. Plus, there’s the fact that most sneakers (in fact, almost all) look better when worn with shorts.

By combining these two equally great clothing options, you can unlock a new plane of stylishness. But let’s face facts: There are a million different shorts and a million more hoodies, so we’ve helped break down which ones to wear based on different styles you may be into: from the monochrome and minimal to colorful patterns and combinations. Check out the picks below:

These are your everyday options and ones where you can’t go wrong. Combining two solid pieces with a little bit of contrast is an easy way into the look.

When going swimming during the Spring, laying outside in a Hawaiian shirt is rarely an option. Throwing on a hoodie with a pair of swim shorts is a necessity when out of the water, and it just happens to look good too.

If you wanna spice it up a little bit without going in completely, add a pattern to either your hoodie or your shorts. This will give your look a little intrigue but still keep you grounded here on earth.

Wearing an all-black outfit might be a safe option, but most of the time it’s also the one that looks the best. Things are no different when it comes to shorts and hoodies.

Pairing shorts with a hoodie is already a stylistic statement, and when the shorts have a colorful marbled pattern like these from Acne Studios then you’re really going all-out.

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