Slam Jam & Rayon Vert Want You to Become a Prosumer

Few retailers manage to keep things as fresh and experimental as Italy’s Slam Jam. You’ll find the retailer exploring the meaning of uniform through well-researched collaborations rooted in style history, singing the praises of niche ‘80s bands, or, most recently, teaming up with Rayon Vert to investigate the role of prosumers in the context of fashion.

Launching the platform W3W “The Wisdom of the Third Wave”, Slam Jam and Rayon Vert are hosting several activations and collaborations, crossing the boundaries between ready-made products and a DIY approach in the context of fashion.

The keyword to this collaboration is “prosumer”, but what actually is a prosumer? A prosumer is someone who produces some of the goods and services that go into their consumption. As we move into the Post-Industrial Age, the number of pure consumers is expected to decrease to be replaced by a growing community of prosumers. Whether it involves making their own clothes, growing food, or simply repairing broken items, prosumers unite production and consumption.

It’s this combination that acts as the North Star for Slam Jam x Rayon Vert’s W3W platform which launched on February 26. A quick scroll through the concept site will reveal a bunch of pitch-perfect merchandise ranging from T-shirts to aprons as well as DIY sewing kits, lessons on how to sew, and a map of repair shops and suppliers.

Over the next 50 days, W3W will host a number of exciting drops, one of which stands out as a highlight. In March, a collection of disassembled clothes developed by Rayon Vert and Slam Jam will be available. The products will be sewn by you, the buyer, with the help of instructions and video tutorials to transform you into a fully fledged prosumer.

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