Slippers or Sneakers? 2 Seasoned Travellers Share Their Go-to Flight Fits

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This piece is part of our GATEZERO hub — a travel-focused content series celebrating GATEZERO, our concept store at Zurich Airport.

Traveling is back, but the prolonged halt to weekend breaks and far-flung adventures has left us a little out of practice when it comes to what to wear. Often, before jetting off, we’re so focused on how we can strategically squeeze all of our favorite outfits and accessories into our luggage and stay under the restricted weight allowance that we neglect what we’re going to wear to get there.

Perfecting the flight fit might sound trivial, but there’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable, overheating, or lugging extra sweaters that you don’t need through the airport. So to get us back into the swing of things, we spoke to two seasoned travelers about their in-flight style as they passed through our GATEZERO store at Zurich Airport.

Read on for tips from DJ Undram Oyuntsetseg and the founder of the Paris running club, PowerUp Run, Ruddy Trobrillant.

What is your go-to travel outfit?

Oyuntsetseg: Sneakers and hoodies are a must. I need to be comfortable when traveling.

Trobrillant: I love to be comfortable but I’m not that good in jogging pants then I travel. It’s probably strange, but I’m comfiest in jeans or wool pants. On top I need pockets, so always with a technical jacket to put everything inside – no bag needed.

And your go-to shoes for long flights?

O: Sneakers and slippers on long-haul flights.

T: When it’s very long, always The North Face mules. Sometimes if I’m trying to lower the weight of my suitcase, I wear my George Cox — 1 kilo per foot! And I wear long compression socks, always better!

How do you take care of your skin while traveling?

T: I drink a lot of water and the day before and after I fly I do a skincare regime – exfoliant, hydrate mask, and we good. But no secret, water is still the first key.

O: I put on hella moisturizer and make sure to never touch my face.

What are your favorite cops from the GATEZERO store?

O: The beige oversized shirt with the swiss print on it — it’s just the best quality.

T: The book Highsnobiety: The Incomplete Guide To Street Fashion And Culture, a Louis Vuitton agenda, a COMME des GARÇONS wallet, and my favorite perfume, ROUGE by COMME des GARÇONS – mine was almost empty!

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