Spring/Summer 2022 is NEMEN at its Brightest Best

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While NEMEN’s FW21 delivery had eager to kiss goodbye to summer, the launch of its Spring/Summer 2022 collection has us digging our heels deep into the transitional period. Lightweight outerwear? Yes, three times.

In the easy-to-lose-yourself world of technical outerwear, there are titans that stand tall and proud. No, I’m not talking about a Percy Jackson-like fantasy; I’m talking about Stone Island, C.P. Company, ACRONYM…NEMEN.

These are the brands that are (and have been) doing it like no other. They’re setting the standard by pushing outerwear to its absolute limits, in turn, affording our wardrobes some of the slickest, most desirable pieces the market has to offer.

Sure, we all recognize and respect SI for its special dye treatments, but NEMEN? NEMEN deserves all of the praise, and then some.

Though only a decade into its journey (an achievement worthy of praise all its own), NEMEN, by way of founder and CEO Leonardo Fasolo, has crafted a lane of its own – a lane that is as bold and bright as it is function-driven. Spring/Summer 2022 showcases the brand at its brightest best, with a color palette and dye work unlike anything else the industry has to offer.

While staples pieces like shorts, tees, and sweats are present, it’s impossible not to let outerwear steal the spotlight. From the Atom 3L jacket with its hand dip-dye water repellent face to the similarly unique Sphere 3L jacket and Eazy Technical windbreaker, outerwear steals the show – and it’s no contest.

The collection’s palette is rich, spanning tie-dye-like patterns of blue and purple, dip-dyed gradients of green, red, and yellow, and bleach-like finishes that give depth to darker hues.

There’s plenty to digest from NEMEN’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which you can eyeball above and shop online via Wellgosh.

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