SS23 Trend: Free the Neckline

Ahoy mateys! come Spring/Summer 2023, we’re all gonna be either suiting up as sailors or stripping down. That’s right: fashion houses are pushing a shirt-free narrative for SS23, statement jewelry and sneaker collabs included.

Some of these SS23 looks went viral but most never cracked the public consciousness and for good reason. This is advanced Fashun (with a capital “F”) and it ain’t for everyone.

In fairness, runway looks are often styled more provocatively than most brands’ actual output because, well, it’s a fashion show.

So take this all with a grain of salt. However, don’t be afraid to push that comfort zone a bit. It’s the only way to grow stylistically and maybe it’ll make you a better person, or at least a less sweaty one.

Starting small — but not too small — let’s consider the rise of the tank top as one of the SS23 staples. Styled alone by KENZO or beneath a jacket by Hermès, plenty of houses are proving that it’s the singular most important summer base layer. And I should know — I wear one every day in summer (and beyond — I get hot way too easily).

As a bonus, the tank top’s dropped neckline creates more dynamic proportions than what a typical T-shirt allows, instantly zhooshing up a blazer or jacket. A bare sternum never hurt no one.

Here’s where the tanks get tiny or, in the hands of Rick Owens or Donatella Versace, non-existent.

These stringy tops hardly even count as tanks but they’re also one step above being topless, which leaves these stranded in the realm of the daring dude alone. I mean, most folks are gonna want their nips covered, at least, but big ups to the guys willing to step out in a strap of fabric that only just covers their collarbone.

Décolletage for men? Yes, please.

Here, Y/Project and Dries Van Noten push men’s basics into the realm of the sensual, revealing a bit of nip and plenty of chest in the hunt for something more tolerable during the worst and warmest.

And, really, the less clothes you have to wear in summer, the better.

Don’t care to be permanently exposed? More on that in a sec, but for now bask in the utility of the zippered mid-layer and the V-neck.

1017 ALYX 9SM, LOEWE, and Craig Green proved the potency of a transformable piece of clothing during summer, revealing bare chests beneath deep cut-out necklines.

The strength of a good V-neck is unmatched, in that it allows a little more skin to show than a typical crewneck and is a smidge more versatile than a scoop, but the zipper gives the wearer extra control, allowing them to customize the visibility of their torso depending on how saucy they wanna get.

It was chestapalooza in Paris, with nearly every label displaying a predilection for shirtlessness. Soooooo many nude chests on models of all genders, sometimes obscured by a layering piece and sometimes not.

Nude sternums peeked out from blazers, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, vests, crossbody bags. It may not be practical in day-to-day life but, if you live life on the wild side, there’s probably no better way to regulate body temp than by doing away with shirts wholesale.

The best base layer is bare skin, according to labels as stylistically diverse as Kiko Kostadinov and Dior — who are we to argue?

Source: Highsnobiety

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