Stadium Items Simply Unveiled a $26,000 Sneaker Secure for Your Most Coveted Kicks

Hypebeasts just got a fancy new way to show off their most treasured kicks.

Sneaker reseller Stadium Goods has partnered with century-old safe manufacturer Döttling on an exclusive line of high-end, made-to-order safes designed to securely store collectible footwear. Your investments deserve to live in an equally fly space, after all.

The stylish storage solution was inspired by the “Trophy Case” (read: a glass-fronted display) that Stadium Goods uses to showcase its most sought-after wares. To that end, each handmade safe comes with special shelving to spotlight your most prized sneaker styles while protecting them from wear and tear. Sneakerheads can choose between four different styles that each highlight a different material, including calf leather ($26,000), faux ostrich ($28,000), faux alligator ($28,000) and cowhide ($29,500).

The safe comes in four styles.


Beyond looks, Döttling has ensured the safe is up to snuff when it comes to security, too. It is equipped with a rechargeable fingerprint lock and an optional alarm that sounds when the safe is moved. Inside, there is LED lighting to enhance visibility and special venting to reduce humidity.

The safes will be sold via Farfetch as part of the online fashion mecca’s “Beat” retail series. (You might remember Farfetch acquired Stadium Goods back in 2018.) There will only be 15 examples available worldwide. Each safe will be assembled in Germany at the Döttling factory and will be ready to ship within four to eight weeks. Of course, each example comes with a certificate of authenticity and a unique number like any good collectible.

“Döttling and Farfetch are ideal partners for this very unique project, as we continue to define a new luxury aesthetic that fuses our world of sneakers and streetwear with the world of classic luxury brands,” CEO of Stadium Goods Laura Sartor said in a statement.

Just one question remains, cowhide or alligator?

Source: Robb Report