Standing On Enterprise: Stella McCartney Paves The Approach For Sustainable Vogue At COP28 UAE

Fashion is not all fun and games, it’s also about taking strides in the world to create a better tomorrow. And Stella McCartney gets that.

A longtime leader in the sustainable landscape, the British designer established her conscious namesake brand in 2001. From standing as the only luxury design house to never use animal leather, feather or fur to her ambitious goal of becoming a net-zero by 2040, she has long been a trailblazer in environmentally conscious practices within the fashion world.

And her work doesn’t stop there. With an exhibition at COP 28, she pioneers the dialogue for sustainable fashion practices in the fashion industry, at the UN Climate Conference in Dubai.

The Stella McCartney brand

Stella McCartney by Mary McCartney 1
Courtesy of Stella McCartney

From a circular economy to a PETA campaign, the Stella McCartney brand continues to be one rooted in ethics. Engaging in talks throughout COP28, she delves into the progress that’s been made, and the work that is to come.

Starting with her own leading luxury brand, she outlines the steps her brand is taking to reduce their carbon emissions and use of fossil fuels, in their production process. Highlighting her continuous investments in cruelty free alternatives, material innovation, circular ambitions and more. She continues to engrave sustainable principles throughout every sector of the brand.

Courtesy of Stella McCartney

“Since day one at Stella, animals and their welfare have driven me and my vision,” she declared whilst in Dubai’s Expo City. An industry that produces materials for the fashion world, and is responsible for the same amount of carbon emissions as the transport industry. “We need to get creative and innovative with alternatives, moving beyond the limited materials that the industry has been working with traditionally.”

She called for all hands on deck to solve the negative impacts the fashion industry has implicated on our climate. “If we work collaboratively with these goals, we can actually begin doing business in a way that regenerates our planet instead of only taking from it,” she added.

Unravelling Sustainable Fashion at COP28

COP28 - Stella McCartney
Courtesy of Stella McCartney

From materials to marketing, the Stella McCartney COP28 exhibition unpacks the importance of sustainability at every level of a fashion business. Held until 12th December, she outlines the root of the issues, and her innovative solutions for the persisting problems in the industry.

Titled Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Market: Innovating Tomorrow’s Solutions for a reason, she represents not only her brand. She instead speaks for the entire fashion world, who is a large contributor to the climate crisis, responsible for 8-10% of green house gas emissions. From innovations in the agriculture industry to novel technologies that could transfer the production process, the unpacks how to improve our current practices. With a growing population and consumption patterns learning about sustainable fashion has never been more important.

From innovative solutions to learning about today’s errors, head to the Stella McCartney COP28 exhibition for an eye opening experience. Because creating a better future starts today.

Source: Prestige Online

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