Stone Island Spring/Summer 2022 is Drowning in Colore

Research and experimentation is the name of the game at Stone Island, but where’s the excitement in science without a splash of color – or “Colore,” as its latest visual treatment delves into.

Seasonal deliveries from the outerwear experts over at Stone Island come with many a promise, promises on which it delivers, with recurring projects and experiments like Ghost Pieces, Marina, Shadow Project.

While the OG will be familiar with every fabrication, dye treatment, and meaning behind each and every badge on offer, even the casual fan can enjoy the most simple pleasure the brand offers, its colors.

Though its list of unique attributes may be as long as its history, Stone Island’s seasonal palettes are impossible to overlook; its spectrum runs so deep that it’s impossible to imagine its yet to achieve every possible hue.

Dye treatments – such as “Corrosion” or “Dust” – aside, no season has yet passed without an extensive range of options. Spring/Summer 2022 does not shy away from this formula, far from it, providing one of the most extensive explorations of color we’ve seen to date.

As showcased in the new “Colore” video, everything from “Royal Blue” to “Lemon,” “Bluette,” “Aviation Blue,” and “Onion Pink” is on offer – and that barely scratches the surface.

For a deeper exploration of the color palette available as part of Stone Island’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, check out the first delivery online, and dive into “Colore” above.

Source: Highsnobiety

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