Summer time Warmth Can’t Cease Travis Barker’s Balenciaga Streak

Travis Barker as a burgeoning style icon? 2022 still has surprises in store. At least, as long as Barker stays under Balenciaga’s spell.

See, wife Kourtney Kardashian has Barker decked out in full Balenciaga, or at least flexing a few items from the house that Demna built.

Far preferable to Kravis’ D&G fling or edgy designer “punk,” Balenciaga’s slouchy shapes are a better fit to Barker’s DGAF style and, frankly, far cooler than the stuff that Barker and co. used to wear.

Up at the top of the page, you can see the Balenciaga effect on Barker’s uniform.

He’s still got the band tees (to an extent) but they’re specific. This Motörhead hoodie, for instance, is deliberately short, with dropped shoulders akin to the shapes assumed by Balenciaga’s hoodies.

Barker’s enormous raw-hemmed denim shorts are, also, not actually from Balenciaga, but they affect a similar silhouette to Balenciaga’s denim Skater Shorts with their faded fabric and snipped ends.

But down below, Barker wore Balenciaga slippers akin to those worn out and about by sister-in-law Kim and Demna himself.

See? Just a lil bit of Balenciaga to drive the point home.

Barker also brought out a patched Rick Owens backpack akin to the DRKSHDW tee he wore the other week.

Barker and Kardashian were most recently back in the news for flying commercial, rather than hopping into private jets like their in-laws.

The revelation comes amidst renewed public scrutiny of the travel habits maintained by the uber-wealthy and celebrities, who boast carbon footprints far larger than that of us regular folks, just so they can fly around wherever they please.

Meanwhile, a few famous folks including Barker and Kardashian were spied hunkering down on a commercial flight.

Don’t get too hasty congratulating these people on traveling the same way as us poors: this is literally the least these people can do. It’s not like they’re flying coach, either.

No, the only thing that these ultra-rich types deserve platitudes for is their ability to wear seemingly anything in any climate. Seriously, how is Barker wearing a hoodie in 90°F heat?!

Source: Highsnobiety

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