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The Best Spring Essentials, As Chosen By Highsnob Staff

Spring is here. Aside from escaping the frigid cold and warming days, Spring brings with it a need for a refresh. It’s time to switch up your rotation — toss away those heavy jackets, chunky snow boots, thick scarves, and any remembrance of frigid windchills. To help you with this closet reset, we have put together a Spring Toolkit with some of the most versatile, layer-friendly, colorful, and rain-ready Spring wear options of 2022.

The transition from winter to spring is in full swing which means that some changes are being made in our wardrobes: silk scarves replace their wool counterparts, chunky boots are swapped out with loafers and windbreakers take over from our trusty puffer jackets.

We’ve got the lowdown from some fellow Highsnobiety staffers as to what the seasonal change means for their wardrobe. Selecting their fashion essentials for spring that will be working overtime as the sun slowly starts the creep back into our lives.

Including everything from sculptural pumps to leather jackets, discover what our staffers will be rocking this spring.

“I own Camper’s cult-favorite Kobarah sandal, and it’s truly the comfiest heel I’ve ever worn. They’re made of EVA, so they’re astonishingly lightweight — and they actually stay on my foot! I wouldn’t actually hike in these, but I feel like I could.”

“Bike shorts and an oversized shirt is basically my uniform once the weather starts to warm up, and this Our Legacy striped shirt hits at the perfect intersection between preppy and relaxed. Pair it with statement earrings and some New Balances and it’s the perfect fit.”

“I recently have fallen back in love with Dries. There is just something about the way he uses prints on shirts. Now, pair those prints with my growing obsession with fresh and fly silk shirts, and you now have my official uniform for the South of France this Spring.”

“I am not sure if it makes sense to invest into a vintage-looking leather jacket rather than buying a real vintage one… but either way, this one from Prada has the perfect fit and color.”

“As soon as temperatures rise above 60° F, it’s sandal time. Specifically, Birkenstock time. I wear almost nothing but Birks from April to November because, not only do I straight up roast during the summer, but they’re legit comfortable for even my horribly sensitive, high-arched feet. I’ve got a few pairs of the most popular (read: boring) styles already but, with summer forcing me to dress down with only the most basic clothes, it’s about time I let my sandals do the talking. These screamingly loud yet weirdly zen blue Bostons ought to do the trick.”

“When it comes to spring knitwear, there’s nothing better suited than a sweater vest. Personally, I’m opting for this blue design from Dries.”

“I honestly can’t stop wearing loafers. Unashamedly inspired by Tyler, The Creator, I’ve got a decent-sized collection now but can justify adding these to it as I am yet to own a pair with tassels and the two-tone brown finish is beautiful. Throw on a cardigan and a silk neck scarf and it’s a big fit for fellow Tyler fanboys.”


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