The Forecast Requires a Likelihood of KAWS x The North Face Half 2

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Would anyone complain about another edition of KAWS x The North Face? The collaboration, which launched in early 2022, was objectively one of the artist’s strongest clothing team-ups in years and was done quite well by TNF itself, so I’d say that there’s ample justification for round two.

And so it stands that KAWS & TNF seem pretty likely to get back together at some point or another, which makes the rumors circulating on social media all the more believable.

First, let’s recall KAWS x The North Face part one.

Following a series of much-hyped teasers and leaked imagery, KAWS and TNF dropped a comprehensive selection of co-branded jackets, pants, T-shirts, fleeces, and accessories, which ranged from duffel bags to logo-laden headgear.

It was colorful, it was wearable, and it had “X”s aplenty. What more could KAWS fans want?

Of course, the collection swiftly flew from The North Face’s stores and website, prompting a couple late restocks and thinkpieces but once the buzz died down, that was that.

But KAWS is a savvy marketer. That’s arguably how he got where he is today, even moreso than the art itself. When he finds a co-conspirator he especially enjoys — Fortnite, Human Made, uh, General Mills — he often continues working with them.

So, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see another round from KAWS & The North Face. I mean, repeat drops aren’t the only criteria for KAWS getting back together with prior partners but it’s a good sign that he’s found another reliable moneymaking niche.

Images have already emerged on social media of the unconfirmed next KAWS x TNF collection, though nothing official from either party.

Highsnobiety has reached out to The North Face to confirm the veracity of the goods in the meantime.

So far, it’s nothing crazy: The North Face Denali fleece jackets and pants stitched with KAWS’ stylized “XX” alongside TNF’s inimitable Half Dome logo.

But the clothes are wearable enough for the mass market and referential enough for the fans so, again, who could complain?

Source: Highsnobiety

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