The Greatest Shops For Shopping for And Promoting Pre-Beloved Designer Items

Sustainability has become a huge trend over the last few years, and we owe none other than Gen Zs for pioneering a whole movement into the highly wasteful fashion industry. As some fashion brands have taken accountability and tried to introduce a more sustainable approach into their business models, some have also tried to greenwash their consumers. As consumers, it is vital to be more mindful and not contribute to the superfluous industry by re-selling our old or unused items rather than throwing them away. We should be more responsible with our shopping choices and what is more responsible than purchasing pre-loved items and supporting small businesses? Nothing, which is why we have rounded up the best small and renowned businesses for buying and selling second-hand luxury items so you don’t have.


Reebornvintage is a UAE-based small business with the trendiest curation of vintage bags, accessories and apparel, ranging from rare Gucci, Prada, Dior, the quintessential summer brand – Pucci and a lot more. All the items are sourced both locally and internationally and they are all authenticated by experts before sale so you don’t need to worry about the authenticity. To sell your own designer pieces, email or DM Reebornvintage to discuss further as the items are selected very carefully to match the requirements and aesthetic of the brand.

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The Luxury Closet doesn’t need an introduction as it is one the pioneers in the city for purchasing and selling pre-loved luxury goods. The Dubai-based brand was launched in 2011 and has been one of the top online boutiques ever since. They have almost all the luxury brands you could possibly imagine from Hermès to Cartier and Rolex to splurge on for yourself or your loved ones. To sell your own items, you have to fill out a form including details of the item along with pictures, or you can contact their VIP concierge service to come collect the items from your house. The items will also be covered by insurance in case of any damage so you can relax and earn while they do all the hard work.

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Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire is a cult classic, the brand has been around since 2019 convincing consumers to shop second-hand. The online reseller is a favourite amongst all the renowned influencers like @matildadjerf  and @josefinehj because you can find a lot of iconic pieces on the site, from Jean Paul Gaultier to Margiela. To sell your own items you just have to download the app and list your items, and once it is sold, it will be authenticated by the experts and you will receive the payment.

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Lesspot is another Dubai-based boutique, it was founded by Hunoof Hamad, who has been working in the fashion industry for 12 years so you can expect the most fashionable archive. This is an actual store so you can live out your best Sarah Jessica Parker life and dig through meticulously curated items from all around the world.

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TheRealReal is another pioneer in the second-hand retail industry, the brand has been in business since 2011 and is well-known for its meticulous authentication process. Along with the biggest fashion brands TheRealReal also sells homeware and fine art. The procedure to sell your own products is very easy too, you can sign up or drop-off your items and they will take care of the rest and notify you when the item is sold. Not only can you sell your clothes, but they also accept homeware and art.

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Bazaara is a pre-loved fashion app based in the UAE. It is known as the largest marketplace app for buying and selling vintage and second-hand items. Bazaara strives to minimise the effects fast fashion has on our planet, such as its harmful emissions of greenhouse gases. The app redefines the shopping experience and contributes to a future where one can be sustainable and environmentally conscious. The process to sell your item is quite simple: upload a picture and description, accept or counter a sales request, then, once the order is confirmed and the buyer has paid, pack the item for a courier to pick up. All this from the comfort of your own home.

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