The iconic Fendi Caffe has made its return to the heart of the Miami Design District, following the immense success of the FF Vertigo-inspired cafe last summer. Like last year’s cafe, the new Fendi Caffe has transformed OTL Restaurant—directly adjacent to the Fendi Boutique—instantly immersing guests into the vibrant world of Fendi. 


The Fendi Caffe is bold, teeming with a sunset color palette of reds, oranges, and yellows that completely take over both the interior and exterior of the restaurant and boutique. The concept of the café comes to life with exclusive illustrations by visionary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez called the ‘Lopez Girls’—focusing on Lopez’s innovative vision on femininity, diversity, inclusivity, and unconventional beauty. In collaboration with The Estate and Archive of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos, the artist’s work has been freshly revived for the FENDI Women’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection and the café, bringing a modern perspective on glamour and redefining femininity through the Fendi name. 

The Fendi Caffe has been completely “Fendi-fied” with the signature FF logo present in almost every dish, from the FF logo french toast and FF logo cappuccino to the hand-sketched version of the FENDI logo inspired by Lopez’s original work for the brand appears throughout elements of the café.

FENDI CAFFE MIAMIFENDI CAFFE MIAMIIf you happen to be in the Miami Design District, stop at the café to take in the bright, rainbow color palette and delicious Italian and local breakfast and lunch items to truly dine in style. The Fendi Caffe at OTL is located at 160 NE 40th St, Miami, FL, and is open until May 1st, 2022.