The Knit Polo Shirt Is the Piqué Polo Shirt’s Cooler Older Brother

The polo shirt is a mainstay of prep style. Originating — obviously — in the sport of polo, there was no way that it wasn’t going to end up being a bastion of Ivy League style. Since its polo days, it’s notably traveled through the sphere of tennis and straight into our everyday wardrobes again. That’s thanks to the new era of prep coming through, plus the fact that it’s a style that settles perfectly into spring and summer.

But while we’re certainly not overlooking the classic piqué polo shirt this season, we prefer a more refined take on the style with knit polo shirts. From Don Draper to Tony Soprano, the disciples of knit polo shirts are all you need to understand that this piece is an icon in its own right.

With the help of Urban Outfitters, we’ve rounded up 8 knit polo shirts to lead you into a sartorial summer.

The relaxed fit of this polo shirt combines with a zip fastening to position it somewhere between polo shirt and sweater. It’s a versatile transitional piece.

There has never been and never will be an issue with a clean white polo shirt. Whatever you’re wearing — sweatpants, shorts, tailored trousers — will work in sweet harmony with this Standard Cloth edition.

Pastels are essential when the sun starts to come out. They’re a great way to give your outfits a colorful lift without going as far as bold hits of primary hues.

Wax London looks to a slim cable-knit texture on the torso of this tonal blue knit polo shirt to give it the texture it needs. An elasticated hem helps with proportions.

Polo Ralph Lauren has been doing preppy stuff since before preppy stuff was called preppy stuff. This long-sleeve knit polo shirt is an effortless, cozy take on the style.

Outerwear is always a difficult decision during the transitional months. Button-down knit polo shirts double up as mid-layers and ever top layers depending on the weather, making them a very useful companion.

It’s nice to have a bold centerpiece for your spring outfits. Corridor supplies us with the perfect piece in the form of the Slouchy Polo Shirt. Cut with nonchalant expertise, it’s one to throw on top to round out your outfits with refinement.

Forgoing the classic 3-button closure to the collar, the Sunrise Stitch Sweater features a V-neck and collar. This is big Tony Soprano energy, just make sure you’ve got a gold chain hanging in the V-neck gap.

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