The Rock Makes a Case for Rocking Tank Tops & Slacks

Seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as he’s known, strolling into the Jimmy Kimmel Live greenroom on July 20, I wondered: “Is it mandatory to look like The Rock to pull off a baby blue tank top and pleated pants?” My determination: No, but it certainly helps.

Before he pulled on a collared shirt to sit down with guest host Kerry Washington and discuss his children, his relationship with Shark Week (?), and owning the XFL (?!) (boy, there’s a lot of Rock news I didn’t know about), The Rock was snapped outside in what is, frankly, an even better look than what he ended up wearing.

A baby blue tank top tucked into high-rise pleated slacks will always look cool, that’s simply a verifiable fact we’ve all collectively agreed upon.

But The Rock’s enormous upper torso so perfectly balances the already mighty proportions of his billowing, retro-style slacks in a way that leaves no room for argument. And you wouldn’t argue with The Rock, right?

Ilaria Urbinati, The Rock’s stylist, knows exactly what she’s doing. The balance is dead-on.

Points must be taken off, however, for the fact that the ‘fit is custom Dolce & Gabbana — you just hate to see stylish folks wearing problematic brands — and I could live without the stubby Tod’s loafers.

But the Persol shades and slight David Yurman necklace? On point.

The Rock doesn’t always go for the looser fit.

It’s much more common to see him squeezing his enormous biceps into mostly-buttoned, tucked-in shirts on red carpets and the pants are almost always just a bit too slim.

What he wore the other day is the perfect example, however, of how looser silhouettes only level-up an outfit, even if you’re as swole AF, as The Rock so famously is.

Don’t be afraid to embrace big cuts, fellas.

Worn with even just a hint of know-how, they don’t make you look short, stubby, or ill-proportioned. And there’s no better way to ease into big pants than with a tiny top — it works for Bella Hadid but it’ll work for anyone of any gender or size when done with intent.

You don’t have to look like The Rock to rock the tank with titanic trousers at all. In fact, I’d say it’s a pretty easy way to nail the sense of effortless cool that he nailed with ease.

No longer an undergarment, the humble tank top is free to be its own base layer. Feel the breeze on your clavicle. It’s good.

Me, personally, I’m still wrapping my head around the guy I most commonly associate with the Vine “boom” sound effect being a bonafide menswear idol.

But those big pants don’t lie. Boom, indeed.

Source: Highsnobiety

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