These Balenciaga Caps Embody the Label’s Universal Appeal

We weren’t at all surprised to see that Balenciaga was recently listed by TIME Magazine as one of the most influential brands in the world, the publication noting that, “luxury powerhouse Balenciaga is not only reflecting the cultural zeitgeist, it’s also driving it.” Amongst the tech titans and pharmaceutical companies also listed, Balenciaga stood out as the only luxury fashion brand.

One thing that really distinguishes Balenciaga in terms of influence — aside from close affiliation with Kim, Kanye, Bella Hadid, and more or its groundbreaking fashion shows, of course — is its universal appeal. From couture pieces to everyday accessories, the label offers a luxury piece for everyone. This is perhaps most apparent in Balenciaga caps.

The baseball cap is a humble and hard-working aspect of the modern wardrobe, so it’s nice to up the levels every so often. Balenciaga caps serve up the kind of raw personality that has come to define Demna’s reign. Even more attractive, they’re highly versatile and are a kind entry point for those looking to cop their first piece of Balenciaga and seasoned collectors alike.

So, as the sun becomes part of our lives again, it’s about time you secured a Balenciaga cap to finish your seasonal fits.

Balenciaga has a handful of returning motifs each season and one of our favorites has to be the Political Campaign logo.

Simple but effective, this washed black cap features logo embroidery running from the visor diagonally across to one side.

Most Balenciaga caps are characterized by grungy detailing in the form of rips and distressed washes. The Sprayed Cap has all of that as well as the brand’s BB logo painted in disruptive size across the front.

The Logo Visor Cap is one of the label’s most popular cap designs because of its simplicity. We’re loving the bolder colors of this pared-back option.

2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac calendar. This clean, surprisingly toned-down baseball cap commemorates the celebration.

Like your caps pierced? Look no further than this piece. Finished as though it’s taken a fall on a dirt road before heading to the tattoo & piercing store half-cut on cheap whisky, this is definitely a summer mood.

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