This Isn’t Just Disneyland Paris Merch, It’s Your Ticket Into The Magical Land

Anyone who has visited Disneyland® Paris will have inevitably left with t-shirts, mugs, hats, and a range of other souvenirs commemorating the home of everyone’s favorite cartoon mice (among others). But instead of being something you bring back from a trip to Disneyland® Paris, this collection is your ticket in.

Created together with Coca-Cola, each t-shirt, hoodie, and sweatshirt from this co-branded collection comes with a complimentary invitation to visit the French resort to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The final surprise to come from our fourth Not In Paris multimedia flagship, this collection will ensure that not only are you in Paris but that you are in Disneyland® Paris.

With each purchase, you will receive a non-dated ticket that can be redeemed online by logging into your Disney Account (or creating one on the Disneyland® Paris website). From there, you can choose a date for your visit, which will be followed up by a confirmation email and a ticket that must be shown on entry.

In the 8-piece collection, two of the most recognizable logos in the world combine on a range of graphic hoodies, t-shirts, and sweaters that qualify you for a ticket. These also come with a matching eggshell-colored hat that has the collection’s signature phrase “classic Paris” printed across the front.

You can shop the Disney Land Paris x Coca-Cola collection on the Highsnobiety Shop from June 15, and head over to the Disneyland® Paris website to register your tickets.


Important information prior to your visit:

• It is prohibited to resell the ticket.

• Changed your mind? Not a problem! Cancel your existing registration up to 10:00am (Paris time) on the day of your visit and register
again for a new date (subject to availability).

• If you do not cancel your registration in advance or use it on your registered date, Disneyland
Paris reserves the right to deny access to the dedicated online platform and/or cancel any other registrations made with the same
ticket for the following 14 days.

• We continue to adjust our health and safety measures as the situation evolves and in line with French government guidance. For more
information please visit the following link to discover all the enhanced health and safety measures we have put in place.

• Tickets must be returned together with qualifying product in case of product returns.

Source: Highsnobiety

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