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Tilda’s Bow by Graff: A Timeless Collection

As we shed our winter coats and celebrate the oncoming of spring, our attentions are once again caught by the playful Tilda’s Bow, a timeless diamond collection by the designers at Graff.

Elegant, playful and irresistible, the Tilda’s Bow collection captures vividly the twists and turns of a silk ribbon. Each piece in the collection – from necklaces and rings to earrings and bracelets, from everyday diamonds to spectacular high jewellery creations – is inspired by the dynamic movement of ribbons.

Tilda is the muse behind the collection, a young girl with a magic touch who can turn silk into diamond ribbons. In the hands of craftsmen in the Graff workshop, Tilda’s vivacious daydreams and fantasies are brought to life in precious knots and shining bows.

Tilda's Bow collection by Graff
Tilda’s Bow collection by Graff

The bow is a motif that’s dear to Graff, according to Anne-Eva Geffroy, Design Director at Graff. “At Graff, we have long been inspired by the image of a bow and its femininity, delicacy and sensuality,” she says. “With the Tilda’s Bow collection, we capture the precise moment a woman finishes tying a bow on her dress or in her hair – the loose, organic shape and expressive movement.”

Graff’s designers have painstakingly sought to seize this brief moment by encapsulating the organic movement of the ribbons in impeccable diamonds and white gold. The result is utterly breathtaking, expressive and elegant; an entanglement of diamond clusters with curves and sleek silhouettes that are a true testament of Graff’s skilled craftsmen in London.

Earrings and necklace in the Tilda's Bow collection
Earrings and necklace in the Tilda’s Bow collection

In the high jewellery line, the creations are bold yet delicate, liberating yet timeless. Drops of pear-shaped diamonds dangle from the beautifully shaped Graff Bow for the ears, neck and wrist. There are other petite designs too that are no less powerful, minimalist and classic designs that will last you a lifetime.

If you’re looking to celebrate the forever and always nature of diamonds by adding a piece of timeless Graff creation to your collection, this is it.

Learn more about the Tilda’s Bow collection and shop the latest designs on graff.com.

Source: Prestige Online

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