Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Nice Return To New York Trend Week



Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

The September 11th runway show was a true homecoming for Hilfiger—and it was anything but ordinary. Set against the Manhattan skyline at the Skyline Drive-In movie theater in Brooklyn, Hilfiger set the stage for a dramatic return, despite the rain. In fact, we couldn’t imagine a more iconic New York evening. 

Spanning across the physical and digital worlds, the Tommy Factory multiverse runway experience was a tribute to Andy Warhol’s iconic NYC factory, where fashion, art, music, and entertainment lived together in harmony. Thus, the show, on and off the runway, was a curated cast of next-generation photographers, videographers, and artists who worked together to create the Tommy Factory magic. With models like Bob Colacello (Warhol’s right-hand-man), Lila Moss, and avatar stars from Superplastic Janky, Guggimon, and Dayzee gracing the runway, and Travis Barker closing the show, it was an unforgettable New York night. 

For our New York Fashion Week special edition, Haute Living sits down with Hilfiger to get an exclusive look inside his return to New York Fashion Week, while also looking back at some of his favorite New York Fashion Week moments and looking ahead to the future of the brand.

HAUTE LIVING: Congratulations on returning to New York Fashion Week this season. Can you walk us through the decision process behind coming back to this show schedule?
TOMMY HILFIGER: NYC is where it all started for me. The Fall 2022 campaign and Tommy Factory are inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic New York studio, which I used to visit in the brand’s early days. Andy was instrumental in bringing together fashion, art, music, and entertainment in one place—creating an epicenter of creative minds that helped shape American pop culture throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. And like Andy, we’re all about bringing people together, so returning to NYFW is the perfect expression of what we stand for as we pay homage to our roots.

When I thought about our return to fashion week, my mind immediately went to New York and its renowned creative scene and innovative community. Tommy Factory is a deconstructed studio space where live art is being created—it collides classic with the new and past with the present to connect with audiences in original and unexpected ways.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: What was the energy like leading up to the runway show?
TH: After a three-year hiatus, the energy is buzzing, and we’re so excited to be back. We can’t wait to be returning to the runway with so many new and exciting elements—especially when it comes to the digital space and our partnership with Roblox. It’s been a lot of hard work, but there’s nothing as exhilarating as putting on a show and bringing unexpected experiences to audiences around the world.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: What are some of the collection highlights?
TH: This season is all about the collision of classic inspirations with modern twists to create new prep. We will premiere the limited-edition gender-inclusive capsule collection co-designed with British designer Richard Quinn. The capsule intermixes Quinn’s signature use of bold patterns and exaggerated silhouettes with our take on American classics. We’re also launching the new TH Monogram collection, inspired by our brand’s archives and given a streetwear twist by celebrated designer Fergus Purcell. Both collections celebrate individual style and self-expression, adding a forward-thinking spirit to our East Coast heritage style.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: What were you looking forward to the most about returning to the NYFW runways?
TH:  When we started creating this show, we knew we wanted to create a completely phygital experience—digital is sitting at the forefront, helping us immerse audiences further into our brand world. We’re the first brand to ever live stream our IRL show directly to Roblox’s 55 million daily active users, featuring real-life models as well as digital avatars. Audiences at home can shop every look in real-time with our ‘See Now, Buy Now’ experience. We’re blurring the lines between what is real in the physical world and what is fully constructed digitally.

HL: You also are incorporating the metaverse in an industry-first ‘See Now, Buy Now’ catwalk. Why was it important for you to incorporate this element? Do you see this as the future of fashion?
TH: While the metaverse won’t replace the physical world, it presents so many opportunities. We’re still learning to understand the connection between the physical world of fashion and everything the metaverse offers; however, we know our consumers are there. They expect us to keep up with how, where, and what they shop. It also gives us the chance to connect with new communities, provide unexpected brand experiences and drive our inclusive spirit in both the physical and digital worlds.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: If there’s one thing you want viewers to perceive from your show, what is it?
TH: The show is the ultimate experience of creative self-expression. This phygital experience brings together guests, talent, and models without the limits of location. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s ability to bring together so many different walks of life under one roof, we’re aiming to create an experience that’s accessible for all.

HL: You also recently introduced Tommy Factory. Can you walk us through the creative process for its conception?
Tommy Factory is unlike anything we’ve ever done—we’ve really stepped outside of the box. [Being inspired by Andy Warhol] as he was fascinated with pop culture, we wanted to reimagine this for today. It’s a live playground where content is being created by a curated cast of next-generation photographers, videographers, and artists—then broadcasted out. It’s all about bringing people and ideas together in an unexpected way.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: Tommy Hilfiger is such an iconic New York brand name. What does New York mean to you?
When I’m in New York, I can feel the pulse of the city. Every street is filled with inspiration—buzzing with creativity and individuality. I love it. It’s where the brand started and continues to be a source of inspiration for the brand today.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: What are your go-to fashion week restaurants?
Whenever I come to New York, I always try to visit either Carbone in Greenwich Village or The Grill in Midtown East—they both fuse classic dishes with a great vibe and an elevated dining experience.

HL: What’s your favorite New York Fashion Week memory?
Definitely my first ‘See Now, Buy Now’ show in 2016. It was a turning point in the way we present new collections and connect directly with the consumer.

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

Tommy Hilfiger Makes His Great Return To New York Fashion Week

HL: What’s next for the brand? 
We’re headed where our consumers are, and right now, that means digital, self-expression, play, values, experimentation, and fun. It’s always exciting to keep up with our audiences and consumers; we stay on the pulse of innovation and continue pushing boundaries by experimenting with technology and bridging the gap between IRL and URL.

We’re always being guided by our 2030 goal of being a full circular brand that Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All – and I believe we have a responsibility to do what we can to ensure a more inclusive and more sustainable future of fashion.

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