Valentino’s Falling Fashions: A Thriller Informed on TikTok

FashionTok wants to know: what happened at Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2023 runway show?

The house’s latest Paris Fashion Week outing saw a number of models trip, fall, and otherwise struggle to walk in their shoes. Now, TikTokers are sharing clips from the show in an attempt to figure out what happened.


poor girl

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A video “liked” two million times shows one catwalker, dressed in a sparkly mini-dress and matching tights, toddle down the runway, her ankles bending. At one point, she nearly walks into someone in the audience.

A follow-up shows more wobbly walks, as well the uneven stride of a model who “lost a heel,” stoically strutting with only one platform on.


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Some commenters theorized that the gaffe was a PR stunt. “All those shoe mishaps have to be planned, there were too many,” one viewer wrote. “This has to be on purpose,” another said.

But was it?

Valentino did not immediately respond to request for comment. While the label’s official Instagram account is noticeably free of comments querying the situation, Valentino’s TikTok is a different story.


no hate to them it happens to everyone

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“Y’all really made that girl walk with those shoes,” one comment on a video announcing the SS23 show reads. “So the shoes…” another user quipped.

The mystery surrounding Valentino’s tottering models has left TikTok free to do what it does best: speculate.


Why could so many of the Valentino models not walk properly down the runway in their heels? Any perspective from actual models very welcome in comments!

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“I highly doubt it [was a publicity stunt]. If it was a publicity stunt, they may have just made sure that one model fell down really dramatically, but this is just embarrassing,” a user by the handle @ladymollyelizabeth hypothesized.


Replying to @t.von.torro sometimes it happens. #unboxingvalentino #valentinoss23 #fashionweek

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While Valentino hasn’t provided an official explanation, we do have the testimony of those who attended the show. Fashion blogger Aimee Song, who sat front row, posted a video with a to-the-point caption: “Her shoes were too small on her so she ended up taking her heels off and finished the runway walk like a Queen.”

As the saying goes: the simplest answer is usually correct.

Source: Highsnobiety