Vetements’ SS23 Tees Are a Total Friday Mood

As the old adage goes, a good graphic tee is worth a thousand words. Judging from the tagline-bearing tops at Vetements‘ Spring/Summer 2023 show, it seems Guram Gvasalia kept this aphorism at top of mind while designing the collection.

The indisputable highlight of the range is an oversized, long-sleeved tee that reads: “I’m not doing shit today” in a nondescript serif font, a design that beautifully encapsulates everyone’s mood come Friday.

Another banger of a shirt declares, “STOP BEING RICH,” spoofing a viral image of Paris Hilton in a tank top that says “STOP BEING POOR.” (Which, by the way, was photoshopped. It actually said “STOP BEING DESPERATE.”)

Other succinct separates include a shredded “Jesus Loves Me” hoodie and a sweatsuit branded with the slogan “Made on Earth.”

The neon suiting and the deconstructed outwear (namely, an update on Vetements’ famous bomber jacket) were great, to be clear, but it’s pretty hard to make a louder statement than a shirt that clearly states its cause.

Source: Highsnobiety

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