We Just Discovered a Gold Mine of Affordable Young Designers

We’re always looking for new designers to introduce to our wardrobe. There’s no feeling quite like somebody asking what you’re wearing and being able to rep for a burgeoning name. But finding a way to stack your wardrobe with bright stars without spending all your savings is the trickiest part. That is until we discovered the Pacsun Fashion Scholarship Fund.

The Pacsun Fashion Scholarship Fund is, as the name suggests, a platform offered to a selection of bright young designers who were handpicked as winners of the competition. The gender-neutral collections feature bolder cuts and more experimental builds than you’d usually find at Pacsun but retain the attractive price point.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces from the Pacsun Fashion Scholarship Fund collections, in particular, those of Allegra Abrams and Oli Carrillo.

An alternating checkerboard of textures gives this bold red turtleneck sweater the potential to make a punchy first impression.

Allegra Abrams’ Love to the People collection looks to ’70s style as one of its biggest inspirations. It’s clear to see in these flared jeans.

Sweater Vests are now nothing short of a staple in the modern wardrobe. This bright retro take on the trend is ticking all of the boxes with spring and summer around the corner.

If the earlier flares weren’t bold enough for you, this blue & red houndstooth-detailed pair should do the trick.

This button-down shirt features a slightly oversized collar in line with the ’70s style of the collection and features subtle detailing in the embroidery to the back of the collar.

Allegra Abrams’ reversible bucket hat features one white side and one black side, adding to the versatility of the piece. Also, thanks to the quilted faux-leather build, it’s as useful in the cold as it is in the sunshine.

Oli Carrillo’s collection also features a number of standout pieces. This overshirt boasts corduroy trims and the designer’s signature smiley embellishments throughout.

More smileys, more denim, no complaints. We love a zip-through denim jacket — it’s a transitional dream.

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