What’s the Ideal Core Body Temperature? Norse Projects 37.5

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For the next phase in Norse Projects’ “Overcoming Elements” capsule collection series, the elemental masters introduce “37.5” – a friendly reminder of the ideal core body temperature, if ever you needed one.

“…But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar mastered all four elements.” First, there was Aang, and then there was Norse Projects’ “Overcoming Elements” series.

I can’t speak to the weather conditions of other nations, but when it comes to living in Britain, best believe adaptability and function are key elements of dressing. Clouds cleared onto blue skies? Yeah…pack that Arc‘ shell buddy – it won’t be long before the weather does a full 360.


Sometimes, apparel just isn’t equipped to handle anything past looking good, and that’s okay, but that’s not what Norse Projects is about. At all.

The last installment of the ongoing capsule collection series came in the form of “Falling Water,” a collection packed full of GORE-TEX and hoods. Spring shower essentials.

For the follow-up, it’s less about staying dry and more about keeping warm. Dubbed “37.5” – after the ideal human core body temperature – the line-up is a concise selection of mid-layer garments that have moisture-wicking properties when you’re hot and energy-trapping capabilities for when conditions get colder.


Consisting of short sleeve t-shirts, and technical half-zips, the “37.5” collection is easily paired with the “Falling Water” to offer for a well-rounded responsive ‘fit. Cold? Wet? Who?

We’re not quite in the midst of summer yet, so there’s no harm in shopping the Norse Projects 37.5 collection online now (for those colder evenings).

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