When Motorsport and Metacubes Merge, You Get MCM AW22

MCM revs its engines as it gears up for Autumn/Winter 22. Titled ‘The Movement’, this season is all about motion and mobility as MCM digs deep to channel the spirit and style of motocross. With a collection of dynamic and radically textured looks that are sure to turn heads, the drop features powerful silhouettes and modern cuts that retain MCM’s vision of elevating the brand while holding true to its core principles of travel and culture.

The collection combines classic tailoring with sportswear elements in order to create a 360 experience of race day. Massive motocross-inspired boots and leather jackets take center stage, coupled with edgy loafers, powersuits and, of course, MCM’s signature bags for those who prefer to get involved in the action from the bleachers.

Going over and beyond the typical dimensions of motion and space, the campaign taps into MCM’s vision of the Metaverse. Director Felix Aaron teams up with photographer Dan Beleiu, stylist Raphael Hirsch and set designer Leonardo Papini to stage their projection of life within a cube.

The graphics bear a nuanced association with the cult visuals and geometric spaces that have come to define a generation’s shared vision of the future as depicted by artists such as Hélène Jeudy and Antoine Caëcke. The CGI-scanned models weave between the surreal settings in a floating space free of limits nodding towards notions of what we currently consider to be the metaverse.

The range itself is daring and sets a good pace for MCM going forward, making use of a full arsenal of styles that seamlessly come together for AW22. Dresses and boots rise to the occasion alongside stylish coats, blazers and work shoes, as well as an abundance of trousers for every mood of the week. The final result is a diverse line that is sure to add momentum to your wardrobe.

Find out more about MCM’s AW22 collection here.

Source: Highsnobiety

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