Ye Apparently Has North West Flexing Custom Balenciaga

North West is really in her bag these days. The eldest daughter of Kanye West has recently been spending a lot of time with mama Kim these days, wearing Pastelle in Paris and shutting down couture shows as her dad waits on Uber drivers.

Poor Northy was getting pretty tired of all the paparazzi, though, as evidenced by the “STOP” sign she waved during the Jean Paul Gaultier presentation on July 8.

What better way to reward a patient child suffering through endless fashion shows than with a trip to the mall?

On July 12, Kim gave North a break with a visit to New Jersey’s American Dream Mall, where the pair hit the (fake) ski slopes and rode a Nickelodeon-themed roller coast.

What a day!


ICYMI: Here’s what went down after the @Balenciaga couture show. 😎 via @thibaut #krissed #snobtok #northwest

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Kim then treated North and daughter Chicago once again, taking the pair to the very touristy Sloomoo Institute in SoHo, which is basically a petting zoo for slime toys.

I don’t get it either. But kids love slime, so Kim’s nine and four-year-old kids likely had a blast.

Considering how small the Sloomoo thing is, they likely had to shut down the whole venue just so North and Chicago could get hands-on without being mobbed by regular attendees.

That means a bunch of children presumably missed out on their own slime experiences so the Kardashian-West clan could play around in private. No biggie, probably, but it’s also good to learn these kinds of life lessons about the rich early in life. They’re just better than the rest of us!


Kim Kardashian may think she was exuding main character energy with her highlighter Balenci look, including the favored Le Cagole bag and pantashoe trousers, but it was North’s ‘fit that proved to be the moment. North stepped on the scene wearing the iconic Pastelle varsity jacket from Kanye’s forgotten fashion line. 🎥: @thibaut #style #highsnobiety #northwest

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As usual, Kim was fully decked-out in Balenciaga throughout, despite being bereft of a newly Manscaped Pete Davidson.

Kim wore the usual Demna-designed sunglasses, shirts, and shpants that’ve been her uniform for a while now.

Chicago, meanwhile, was looking snazzy in mini Balenciaga and tiny cowgirl boots (!) while North West was also clad in — what else? — Balenciaga atop what appear to be Prada loafers, which fits given Kim’s brief Prada fling the other month.

But look closer. North wasn’t just wearing the usual oversized hoodie and HardCrocs: she was clad in a custom Balenciaga hoodie printed with an all-caps, collegiate-style “NORTH.” That’s a one-off, no doubt.

I’d bet that Ye was behind this one. No one else is flexing custom Balenciaga this frequently so it follows that Yeezy could request a one-off hoodie for his daughter. Buy $100k-worth of Balenciaga, get a custom hoodie for free.

This is the cherry on top of a particularly strong string of North West fits which, again, included Kanye’s old streetwear brand and Jeal Paul Gaultier nose rings.

And, if anything is gonna top a custom JPG outfit, it’s gonna be bespoke Balenciaga.

Source: Highsnobiety

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