Your Wardrobe Is Lacking a Shirt: Right here Are A number of the Finest

As fall starts to kick in to full swing we can finally get back into dressing up and layering for the weather. While there will always be room for wearing tees and crewnecks it’s nice to switch things up every now and then with a nice shirt to truly set yourself apart.

Now we’re not knocking fast fashion or your classic button-up from Uniqlo or H&M

Now we’re not saying you need to swap out all your trust favorites, but brands like Dries Van Noten and Balenciaga have been in their bag lately when it comes to shirts, and we’ve definitely taken notice. An easy way to dial in your preppy ‘fits, or simply put it together anyway you want, great designer shirts speak for themselves and will make a nice addition to your wardrobe in the long run. One look at upcoming collections by Marc Jacobs x Fendi or Wacko Maria and you’ll see why designer shirts are essential for fall.

So fittingly, we’ve rounded up our favorite designer shirts to keep you fly this fall, from elaborately-printed options, to minimal and low key investment pieces.

Attention seekers look no further — Dries’ mastery of print on pretty much every textile has solidified them as one of the most creative luxury brands.

Designer doesn’t always have to mean flashy. A monochrome shirt built from quality materials is enough to make a difference when dressing up for an occasion.

Whenever the colder months get the best of me I try to incorporate some of my summer favorites into my wardrobe again, wear this one under a wooly sweater and you’ll feel like you’ve taken a tropical vacation.

Leave it to Balenciaga to make a shirt with special effects. Between the permanent creases and the monochrome jacquard logos it’s hard to top this gem.

For this price you’d think this detailed graphic shirt would at least have a clever name, but like many Yohji garments the quality speaks for itself.

There are few logos as timeless and well known as Gucci’s, and this shirt is a surprisingly subtle take on the all-over print.

If Rick Owens was in charge of the costume design for The Matrix, Morpheus would wear this poplin shirt.

Denim never gets old, if anything it looks better as it ages. The pearly snap buttons on the cuffs and the chest really makes this Celine shirt a treat to look at it.

This Raf shirt is giving us cowboy meets waiter vibes, and we’re into it.

Another Dries shirt? Well, given that its pattern making is second to none, any Dries item is a worthy investment.

Wearing anything Demna cosigned is certainly the easiest way to go about owning a designer shirt. When people ask you about the asymmetry you can simply tell them “it’s Balenciaga.”

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