Avocado Vegetable Sauce and Easy Salad Dressing

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Food - Avocado vegetable sauce          Food - Avocado vegetable sauce

So, more steamed veggies tonight?  Kind of boring, huh?  How about a great and healthy sauce for them?  Cut up some avocados (I used 3 small ones) and a lemon.  Grate the lemon peel into the bowl with the avocados and squeeze the living juice out of the lemon right into the bowl too.  Add a little olive oil and seasoned vinegar and puree with your immersion blender right in the bowl (or if you haven’t bought one of these brilliant machines yet – why are you waiting?! – put it all into a regular blender and whirl away.)  Also nice to add is some garlic powder, salt and pepper if you have it.  Top with fresh chopped cilantro or parsley if you like.

This makes a yummy topping for any steamed vegetables.  I used it on asparagus for Easter and it was a hit!

Food - Avocado vegetable sauce

While you have the oil and vinegar out, put them into a glass bottle with some ground black pepper and a nice blend of dried herbs/spices like shallots, chives, garlic, and onion (Penzeys has a great one for this called Fox Point Seasoning.)  Shake and you are good to go.  No chemical additives needed!  No artificial flavoring or coloring!  (Have you checked the label on those plastic bottles of salad dressing in the store?  Yuck!)  This takes 2 minutes, is really good for you, easy, and cheap!!

Happy veggie eating all you springtime bunnies out there!

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